Thank you for supporting NDSU students in need! These funds have been put directly to use to assist students with rent payments, monthly bills, groceries and basic necessities as they face recent job losses.

Student Emergency Support

$58,918 raised from 404 gifts

Student Emergency Support

Anxiety and stresses caused by COVID-19 are being felt across the nation and around the world. North Dakota State University, like other universities, has moved to remote learning, which has become a challenge for some of our students who have limited resources and are losing the income they did have as stores and restaurants limit hours or close entirely.

With the rapid changes in the wake of the COVID-19 national emergency, some NDSU students are in need of technology to complete their coursework remotely, resources to meet basic needs, and travel assistance. During these uncertain times, your support is needed to help to equip students with the tools they need to successfully complete the semester.

About the Student Emergency Fund: The Student Emergency Fund has been established to assist students during unforeseen financial emergencies because we know our students are at a greater risk of leaving the university during times of crisis. By providing students with the resources they need during this challenging time, you’ll help ensure they are able to stay committed to NDSU and continue their education.